Our #1 tip to work through negative thoughts

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The thoughts that you are thinking have a vibration all on their own, negative or positive. But so often in the spiritual community we are told to think positive thoughts to maintain a high frequency. I disagree. 

This dimension acts in duality, showing us light so we understand dark, sadness so we can know happiness and truly appreciate it when the experience comes. If we do not sit with our emotions, good or bad, we are simply abandoning ourselves. Pushing away those emotions relays to them that they aren’t good enough. It also signals to your inner self that you aren’t worthy of complete love and presence unless you’re happy.

When you experience a negative thought and lean into it you are able to uncover the emotion that is at its core. As the emotions supporting the negative thoughts are brought to the light of our consciousness we then can work with what they bring up.

If at work you have a coworker who is always late and as a result you have to cover for them you may begin to resent them which will lead to negative thoughts. Stop and ask yourself why you resent covering for them, do you feel that it may be unfair perhaps? If so, when was the first time you experienced being treated unfairly?

These negative thoughts can be a messenger to fractured aspects if we allow them. Diving into being treated unfairly, you may find that as a child your youngest sibling never had chores or got in trouble while you cleaned up after everyone and we’re never appreciated for doing so. This is an invitation to embrace this fractured aspect and show it the compassion that was never received. As we do so that trauma cycle begins to break down and if that aspect is integrated you may find that the situation that initially led you here resolves itself. 

Negative thoughts begin to affect our vibration when they are ignored or obsessed over. So in the previous example if we never went deeper than the thought and in our minds we went round and round, that thought would begin to attract more situations of the same vibrational frequency as it became more energetically dense. 

It’s a matter of changing our perspective and thought pattern, which takes time. When thoughts come up, good or bad, they are always backed by an emotion or message. It’s at this point you can read that massage or throw it into the trash, the choice is yours.

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