Transitional times

We are all in a period of transition as we close out this year and it is these last moments that will decide the frequency we hold as we enter 2020. 

This frequency is in direct correlation to our emotions, which serve as messengers from Source. A feeling of hatred would naturally move us away from a situation or person in a perfect setting. But from the moment that we’re born we are fractured and split up into aspects that fit into society, those that don’t are banished to the shadow.

Let your own life reflect the transition of the seasons, allow yourself to go inward as the days turn longer and the nights grow colder. Show love to those emotions that Don’t fit neatly into society and give them space to be integrated back into your consciousness.

Transitions are hard and painful and many times they bring up things that we would rather ignore but this period is crucial. The time and work that you put in now is the foundation for the manifestations that you wish to bring about. Look for signs that show you you’re on the right track search out joy and let it be your guiding light in what is being and unending storm.

Always keep seeking.

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