The mission of Mistmoon and Heart is to create an intentional community of and for women whose focus is on healing and sharing knowledge. We consider sisterhood our religion and as such, our goal is to craft a sacred space that allows women express and explore the totality of who they are and heal from a society that could never appreciate the immenseness of womanhood.

A few more things about us-

We are a cannabis community, it is our goal to incorporate the healing benefits of this medicinal plant in our community work. We also have two dogs, Chicken and Lotus, and a cat named Houdini who are everything to us. While we currently reside in Oregon the location of our community land is in Alaska.

Our path is one of reclamation, we seek to build a life and spiritual practice that would be recognized by our female ancestors. We use the cycle of the seasons and the moon to lend a hand to our shadow and bring those aspects to the light of wholeness. We see the spring equinox as the beginning of our calendar and we focus on what we want to manifest in the coming year. As the day gives way to night after the fall equinox, we examine how our manifestations and ask, are serving us or if they are even manifesting?

As we make our way into winter we draw in and examine the shadow within us and seek to integrate the fractured aspects scattered by trauma. During the full moon we gather the power that is inherent in us and give to the land and what we want to manifest, in the dark times of the moons cycle we light a fire to be that guiding light, both to individuals who need guidance and healing but to our desires as well, we open ourselves up to the possibilities that await us as we release our hold on the “how”.

Life, and homesteading, in Alaska isn’t easy but it is one filled with adventure and a freedom not know in many places. In the summer of 2022 we will be throwing a work party and breaking ground on what we hope to be a space where women can not just heal but also learn skills that allow them to be more self sufficient. If you feel called to become part of Mistmoon and Heart, please reach out to us through the contact section or by email at -mistmoonandheart@gmail.com