Seer Sunday is back with the force of our Ancestors. Were not done communicating with those that have come before, connect with them and then pick a card or two. 1 Strength: Sometimes it feels as if we have the world on our shoulders, but if you’ve chosen this card it is because you have […]

Humans have been including cannabis into their spiritual practices for hundreds of thousands of years. From the Chinese emperor Shen Nung who wrote about using marijuana as medicine in 2737 BC to the first mention of cannabis in Egypt around 2350 BC, this versatile plant has followed us throughout the ages. So in this modern age, how do we as Priestesses […]

In the spiritual world we are all searching for them. Those glimmering sign posts directing us in the “correct” path. We’re so focused on looking for these signs that we can forget we are living, currently here and now, and we’re missing out on defining the future we want to live. I challenge you to go out […]

We are all in a period of transition as we close out this year and it is these last moments that will decide the frequency we hold as we enter 2020.  This frequency is in direct correlation to our emotions, which serve as messengers from Source. A feeling of hatred would naturally move us away from a situation or […]

Fear is the difference between visualization and manifestation. Anyone can desire something and see it with their mind but its those who know no fear that are able to bring that visualization into the third dimension. So often we question ourselves and seek validation from society because we don’t have a clue how truly powerful […]

Today is the first quarter and a time to act on the things you want to manifest. First look at what you currently have that you want to continue to have in your life. Next use what you don’t like to further clarify your manifestations. For instance, if I want to manifest a new job […]

Set the intention right now to leave what doesn’t serve you in 2019. Establish firm boundaries and reach out to those who bring you joy. Strive to create the life you want and build habits that will take you to where you want to go. This year feels like a sprint runner, before I knew […]