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Who are we looking for?

Practicing female pagans who are called to create an all female intentional community that offers healing and knowledge. Individuals who seek out healing opportunities within themselves and feel called to help other women.

Women who want to spend their lives surrounded by sisterhood in an environment that celebrates our diversity and encourages it’s community to grow together.

Women who have a passion for cannabis and gardening, homesteading and growing enough to subsist the community is paramount to our success in Alaska.

If any of what you have found on our site resonates with you and you’ve had similar dreams, reach through email at If you aren’t there just yet and you’d like to learn a little more about us please follow us, we are on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. Our lands and women need healing, safe spaces must be created that don’t require monetary payment so that we can reach everyone and we look forward to connecting with women who have aligned visions.