Come Sister, let’s walk…..

In this experience of life there are multiple layers of reality closely pressed against one another all connected by a conscious energy which we refer to as Goddess or Source. It is the embodiment of every thought, all energy, every memory, every perspective and every timeline or life path. But how can you conceptualize of something that huge so that it makes sense?

It is my believe that before we are born we start out as an indistinguishable part of the Great Mother/Goddess/Source and upon coming into this life we fracture off with the goal of expansion. Imagine an object with internal layers, it can be anything you want, but here I will be using a quartz crystal.

In this crystal (the Great Mother) there are fractures, some deep within and some closer to the surface. These fractures then are the land we live on, the people we meet, the deities we work with and the guides that lead us.

This doesn’t just mean we are all mystically connected, it means that we are one. From there it is easy to see that what happens to you happens to me. Your pain is the collectives pain because we cannot be energetically separate from one another.

We become socialized to focus on the negatives of life, thinking that in obsessing over what is wrong we can come up with a solution when this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Focusing on the problem will only lead you to more of that or a similar problem. It is only when we begin to focus on a more positive broader perspective that we can find the answer.

It often starts small at first, we get cut off while driving and instead of becoming angry and blaring our horn we may rationalize that the other person may be running late or could’ve just not seen us. It honestly doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you aren’t feeding into that stream of negativity, this leaves you open to create.

Through direct alignment with our life’s purpose which can be found through following your passion and joys, we find ourselves going in the direction of this energy instead of fighting against it. When an inspirational wave hits you and you begin to create that is you coming into alignment with what you are here to do.

No, I’m not talking about a crafting project, I’m speaking about Manifesting the reality you want to live by jumping into that fast moving river of energy and you don’t have to do it alone. The Sisters here at Mistmoon and Heart are here to help guide you along this journey of remembrance and growth, we are stronger together.