I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes

In the spiritual world we are all searching for them. Those glimmering sign posts directing us in the “correct” path. We’re so focused on looking for these signs that we can forget we are living, currently here and now, and we’re missing out on defining the future we want to live. I challenge you to go out if you can and stand near a tree. Look up into it’s canopy and at it’s leaves, let your eyes follow it’s movements and think of nothing else. Remind yourself that it is the perspective you are that is experiencing this moment. It can’t be duplicated or felt by anyone else, it’s yours alone. 

There comes a point when you’re immursed in nature so much so that you begin to flow with it. Your body may turn naturally towards the sun as if you were a flower, you may begin to move your body with the wind as if you were the tree before you. It is at this point where we don’t need to seek out signs because we have released all resistance and the things that are needed will come to us, people call this going with the flow. But we can’t stare at trees forever otherwise nothing would ever get done! We’ll talk more about this later on, let’s get back to why you came here.

Often times the biggest sign you can be given are your emotions, you’ll know that you are not where you are supposed to be because you feel the emotion of discontent, frustration or unfulfillment. This goes for any job, relationship or point in life and should be a message to you that something needs to change. I can hear you screaming, but what, what needs to change and how, where do i begin?

I get it, i really do, sometimes you don’t know where to start so let’s do so by asking ourselves 3 questions:

  1. What actions got me here?
  2. What could be the lesson in all of this?
  3. How could this situation be used as inspiration for the next thing to come into your life?

So question one, what actions got you here? If you’re in a job that leaves you unfulfilled or just makes you angry ask why you took the job in the first place. Did you think the overall job was going to be different than what it was or did you maybe take the job out of desperation? Its important to understand what led us to where we are at so we can move forward without finding ourselves in a similar position. 

Leading us to our second question, what could be the lesson in all of this? If you took the job out of desperation your message may be that any action taken in fear will not have a positive long lasting impact on your life. The job may have saved you temporarily but after the newness wore off if you looked with a different perspective you may see that the situation is nearly the same as the last one you were unhappy with. 

Finally we ask, and this is super important, how can this situation be used as inspiration for the next thing to come into your life? Do you wish to repeat this job/relationship/point in life that does not fill you with abundance and leave you bursting with gratitude? I hope the answer is no. For most people it is and yet we keep going around and around, why?

I told you we’d come back to it…so often we focus on the job that we hate instead of using that to show us what we would love. If you have a boss that stands over you and micromanages you, imagine what it would feel like to have a boss that trusted your decisions, values your opinion and gave you free reign. Finding a larger perspective like this and focusing on what it would feel like to have the things we want instead of giving our energy to what we don’t like currently playing out, is the fastest way to begin aligning with what you want so that it can manifest.
We all have something that we love to do, some passion that just lights us up. Focus on how it would feel emotionally to have that all of the time, how would it play out physically? Visualize yourself doing the things that you love with the people you love. Then, wait.

Why? Because what is playing out currently is energy that you aligned to in the past. Think of it this way, put every variable on this planet on a chess board all people, decidions you could make and places you could go, you dont have to know chess just go with me. Some spaces are open and some are taken up by other pieces. If you want to move your piece to an open space its an easy move. But if you want to move to a space that another piece is sitting on its gonna take some time because they have to move to a space they align with.

You have to feel it before you can receive it.
Have you ever wanted something and it materialized rather quickly. You thought, man it sure would be great to have pizza for dinner. Then you go home and your partner brings home pizza without you asking. The chess explanation above is why this happens, that pizza was an open space and you didn’t have any resistance to other dinner options. You just thought, yes pizza!

Remember before when we talked about natures ability to pull us into that flow? Our resistance to our current situation plays a big roll in how quickly we are able to move our piece and how close we are able to get to our passion. If we still hold resistance to our past we will choose similar situations in the present and future. This is designed as it is for us because we are creators, that’s what we can here to do. So, if you are struggling right now as many of us are considering the state of everything and need a sign, sit down with yourself and ask some questions. See what bubbles up to the surface and look at it, hold it close and listen to the wisdom it gives. 

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