Tarot Tuesday 11-12-19

Welcome everyone to Tarot Tuesday, this is a chance for us here at Mistmoon and Heart to pull a card and take a journey together to seek out its meaning. We are excited to share this space with you ❤️

Today the High Priestess came to share her guidance.

The High Priestess always strikes me as a card of temporary pause. In the Rider Waite card we can see the High Priestess sitting between both pillars, get body still. There’s still a good bit of movement though because the water hidden by the curtain flows beneath her feet to merge with her dress.

This also is a card of balance reflected in the black and white pillars in the Rider version and the black and white moons in the Old Path tarot. We can also see it in the Sweet Twilight tarot with the prey and predator and the black and white tiles in the Deviant Moon.

She also represents a certain withdrawal from society and it’s distractions. If this card comes up in a reading for you it could very well hint at inner work that needs to be done. The veil will only lift to the subconscious once we have delved into our shadows.

Thank you so much for spending another Tuesday with us dear hearts. Normally tomorrow would be our Oracle group reading but we are changing a few things up. Going forward our Oracle readings will be held on Sundays and on Wednesday’s will be our weekly articles. So come back tomorrow where we begin our foundation series!

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