Energy in Witchcraft

You can go online to any Social Media app and through the power of hashtags, find the information you were searching for. But when I was a young witchling, nearly 20 years ago, I was alone standing in a bookstore with no idea where to start or what was reliable. I would’ve loved to have had someone explain this wide world of witchcraft to me from their perspective so that I wasn’t staring at this huge pile of overwhelming information.

So that’s what this blog hopes to achieve, explaining large concepts like vibration and frequency and giving you the tools to employ them on your own path.

And so begins our foundation series but we won’t be tackling everything all at once. No, today we will be talking about my most favorite subject, energy. It’s my favorite because energy not only makes up everything in this world but it is The Basis for everything that you can conceptualize. So let’s break energy, and this article, down a bit, today we are going to cover:

  1. What energy is
  2. How it effects magic
  3. How we can use this information to jumpstart your witchcraft path

Let’s start off with what energy is

Energy, is a lot like dirt. No, I’m serious, just give me a minute to explain. Dirt can never be cleansed or eliminated, just transferred from place to place. Say your table is dirty and you clean it up with a paper towel and throw that used towel in the trash. Sure you have a nice clean table and you can no longer see the dirty towel but does that mean that the dirt is gone? Definitely not, in fact it’s only been moved to the trash can but even after its left your home is it truly eliminated or just transferred? Energy is no different, you can’t create or destroy energy and you can bring more energy into your life just like you can do things like cook to produce more trash or dirt.

Energy can also be boiled down into two types:

  • Potential (stored) energy
  • Kinetic (working) energy

An easy way to understand these two types is to use our bodies’ natural breathing cycle as an example. So together, and I’ll be checking, let’s breath in and hold it.

This air that we have taken in and are keeping in our bodies is potential energy. As we breathe out, our muscles contract and we force that air from us which is kinetic energy.

How does energy effect magic?

Everything, even the thoughts that you think, have energy and they vibrate on a frequency much like radio waves. Just like tuning into your favorite station, you can tune into and out of frequencies by changing your energetic vibration. It’s important to note that energy isn’t like a Paula Abdul song, opposites don’t attract. In fact, similar energies attract more of the same. We can see this easily when we have a depressive thought which lease to another and another. Soon you are falling down this spiral of being depressed and then something happens to make you fall even further.

Magic is essentially intent and energy so if we tell the universe we want something (intent) but all of our energy is focused on what other people are doing or on rehashing an argument it leads the universe to bring us more of the energetic vibration that we hold.

How can we use this to jumpstart our craft?

If our thoughts have energies that attract similar energies then the natural tendency of people is to just not think bad thoughts. Let me tell you right not, that’s literally the worst thing you could ever do and yes this is the hill I will die on. If we do this not only do we essentially label everything other than pure light as bad but the negative emotions we experience need to be processed or they will leak out into other areas of your life.

I’ve always said that there is a fine line between having bad thought and obsessing over it until you can think of nothing else. It’s okay for us to experience emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy and even hate. It’s normal and it will happen more than once in your life. But if we cannot process what we feel and instead of moving on we rehash it over and over, our energetic vibrations change to align without thought and then we begin to attract situation that are on the same frequency as those thoughts.

So you have some information, let’s put it to use. Below are tips to raise your vibration:

  • Focus on what gives you joy. When you’re in the midst of happiness you’re not wondering if you will have enough for X,Y and Z, you are so immersed in your passion that it’s all you can think of.
  • Pull back your shoulders and look up to the sky, doing so gives you optimistic feelings and can give you a new perspective.
  • Be kind to yourself, realize that it takes time to build patterns, change won’t happen overnight.
  • Know that when you’re in a spiral and begin attracting those situations your mind will use this as evidence that your spiral will never stop, this isn’t true because nothing lasts forever.
  • Make a list of things you are grateful for so that when you are in that spiral you can remind yourself of everything that’s going right.
  • Remind yourself that it manifests in the physical last so keep envisioning and focusing your energy on what you want.
  • Do something that allows you to connect with your body like yoga or dance. You have to show up for yourself first.

In another article I’ll go more into frequency and vibrations because I could talk about it forever. So feel those emotions, honor them and make space for them so that you can move on and not allow the energy of one emotion to disrupt all of your work. AS always, take what works and leave what doesn’t, until next week lovelies.

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