Wisdom Wednesday 11/6/19

Hello everyone and welcome to our third Wisdom Wednesday here at Mistmoon and Heart. We love that you have taken a moment of your day to visit our page and take our words with you!

Below are three cards and it is up to you whether you choose the card on the left, right or middle. Or maybe you choose all of the cards but read the backwards. All that matters is that the decision feels good to you.

Breathe in deep with me

Allow your breath to expand and as you do so, envision your question, need, or ask. Let your mind become still as your vision rises to the surface of your consciousness.

There are three cards chosen today, would you choose the first, second or last card that was pulled? Maybe all three would help you sort out the situation you’re experiencing. The choice as always remains yours…

Grace: We can use the vision of the dancer who embodies grace in their movements as a metaphor for our own life. The dancers steps are calculated and clean as she allows the rythmn of the music to lead her body. Do you allow yourself to be moved to where you need to go or do you resist the events surrounding you? The dancer twists and turns with a graceful ease because they have worked hard to develope skills that take over once the melody begins. This week let go of what you think should happen and rely on the foundations of your practice if you feel as if you do not know where to go.

Shadow Self: This world molds us into the citizens who will advance it’s agenda, most always this involves shaming individuals who have aspects that don’t fit into that box. It can be anything from desires you have to how talkative you are, it’s not always “bad” characteristics. When this happens we fracture into pieces society approves of and pieces it does not. Those that society deems inappropriate are confined to the shadow. This week asked yourself how you can begin to accept and make space for these aspects.

Gratitude: The quickest way to raise your vibration is to find reasons to be grateful. Challenge yourself to name off at least three any time you are feeling frustrated or stuck and you’ll soon see a change in your emotions which are indicators of the frequency you vibrate at. When we focus on the things we have to be grateful for we open up our vibration to allow more of the same.

Thank you so much for spending this time with us, take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t. Till next week, keep pushing, keep working towards a higher level and if you need a sounding board we’re here.

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