The cycles of the Moon and how they affect our path

The below is taken directly from our practice, tonight being the Full moon I felt called to make this available.

As women, our bodies are naturally tied to the moon through our 28 day menstruation cycle so it is not unusual to see the moon in Priestess work. Is it just about the New and Full moon within the Priestess path or does each phase have it’s own significance?

For us, the moon is all about manifesting your desires and intent. Yes you can manifest without ever using the Lunar calendar but for many, following the moons waxing and waning cycle, which reflects the cycle of growth and shrinking in our own lives, helps enable them to connect to Source and by doing so it amps up their ability to manifest.

So let’s begin with the New moon, typically reserved for beginning a working this phase of the moon is rife with potential. Start by thinking of what you are grateful, something that you want more of. The biggest mistake I see is Priestesses who try to manifest by focusing on what is lacking in their lives so that they can bring that about.

In my experience this does not work, in fact it does the complete opposite in that what we focus on continues on. So focusing on what you do not have will only bring more reminders that you do not have that specific thing. But you can still manifest what you don’t have by focusing on what you’re grateful for.

Right now you are sitting there reading my words and it is because I took my calling to create an intentional community and manifested it. But I couldn’t do so if all I thought about was that I had no connection, no tribe. No, instead I looked at relationships I already had in my life that were exactly what I was looking for, that I was grateful for and used that to build the idea of what this community would look like and who would be in it.

So the New moon is the time that you see a need for manifestation, like finding your tribe, and finding the closest thing you have to it that you can then focus on and be grateful for.

Next is the Waxing Crescent moon where we clearly spell out, no pun intended, our intentions for the manifestation that we want to bring about. It’s important here that you take time to look deep within and understand why you want to bring about The Thing.

For instance, part of my desire to be in a Priestess community was that my family didn’t have the type of connection I associate with a tribe. There was frequent talking about each other behind backs and in general no one was there to life one another up. So clarifying why you want something opens the curtain, so to speak, and let’s the light in on this shadow aspect.

The First Quarter moon is a time when you begin to take action. Whether you write them down or simply meditate on them, the First Quarter is the time where you take that first step.

It’s important to note here that you have to release the how of this process. You are never going to figure out how this will all manifest because there is no way for your mind to conceive of every perspective and opportunity, but Source can.

If you are like me and wanting to manifest your tribe because you lacked that type of connection growing up a good step to take would be to see if there are some groups that do something you already like to do. If you enjoy reading Tarot, there are several groups on social media sites that you can join to come into contact with others who have a similar interest.

The Waxing Gibbous moon comes right before the the moon is at its fullest and this time is all about assuming, and acting, like the manifestation is already yours. In truth this should be how your mind operates in all aspects of magic but this is a period where you intensely visualize what you want happening to you.

I find that it is extremely helpful to create a narrative in my mind in which I am presented with my manifestation. For instance, I may envision being in a field of flowers with the smell of fresh baked bread in the distance. I would recreate the sound of birds overhead and the wind lightly playing with the ends of my hair. Laughter erupts for behind me and I spin around to find a semicircle of women arm in arm before me, all with large smiles and welcoming eyes. I engage all of my senses in my meditation journeys to make the experience as real for me as possible.

The Full Moon is the culmination of what we have been working for and we go back to our gratitude that gave us our jumping off point on the New moon. Often times when we have fear or doubt it can be helpful to remind ourselves of each instance of manifestation that has worked out for us in the past. If your brain tries to bring up a time when your manifestation didn’t come to pass seek out the silver lining. If it didn’t come to pass what did? Was it, in the end, better for you that what you initially wanted to manifest? Acknowledge too the power that you have and are, this will also help to release that fear and doubt.

But is that it? Does the magic end after the moon has become full? Of course not, in truth it is only half over, once the moon has become full, it appears this way for a total of 3 nights

As we shift into the Waining Gibbous moon we are given a chance to look at our habits and behaviors. To look back and decide, without judgement, what has and has not worked for us on our path. What habits have we collected along our journey that are now weighing us down? Where have we slacked off in our practice? What areas of our life need more attention, more awareness? Similar to the New moon, the Wanning Gibbous moon is a time for questions.

Next we transition into the Final Quarter moon and just like the First, this is a time of action. Let’s say that you have this limiting belief that you aren’t going to be able to attract your tribe because anyone that you’ve ever found in the past didn’t work out for one reason or another. This belief, which is covering for fear, is keeping your manifestations from taking root in the physical.

This is the number one reason why workings don’t produce the outcome we envision, if at all. We don’t follow through and examine this fear of abandonment and integrate the fractured aspect that is the root of it. If this period is all about taking action, in this situation it would be beneficial to look back to that gratitude, see the relationships that flourish in your life, remind that brain over and over if need be.

You are meant to have anything you desire because your desires are an aspect of Source.

Next comes the Waining Gibbous moon where we trust that the work we are doing will produce needed change. Just like seeds that are tended to will produce a harvest, the actions and steps that we take will remove the obstacles you have placed before yourself in the form of doubt and limiting belief’s.

Just know that it can take several cycles to change a belief that is held as it takes constant reprogramming to overcome years of thought processes. Many times you may be in a spiral before you’re able to realize it and that is 100% okay and valid.

Last we come to the New moon once again, a time where we can release the final resistance to anything we are holding. For this period I like to envision that I am reaching down into a deep stream of water. Gently immersing my body into the river I think of everything that has been holding me back from realizing my dream and I release my grip for the bank of the river. Allowing my body to be carried swiftly away I tip my head back as I easily float, watching the landscape slide past me. There is a period where I close my eyes and feel nothing but the current taking me, as close to Source as I possibly can be.

For the three nights of the new moon we here at Mistmoon and Heart hold space for others in a variety of ways, in this period of darkness we seek to be a light guiding Sisters on their path. We hope that you can take from this what serves you, leave what doesn’t and as always, have a blessed journey.

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