What does Source feel like?

What does it feel like to connect to Source?

It feels like that moment in meditation right before you get distracted, that second which is silent and seems as if there is everywhere and nowhere to go. It feels like everything you’ve ever wanted as a child being given to you in adulthood. It feels like an embrace while also being led and directed. It feels like true connection, like our soul can breathe deeper and it can be accompanied by a humming in the ears or a vibration in the body and often, my hands will grow hot and tingle. Below is a written meditation journey to connect to Source. If you will be including music, this, is one of my favorites and goes with the words I’ve written.

We will start by grounding down into the earth, find a comfortable position and make sure that your limbs are uncrossed. First let’s connect to our breath, when you inhale keep your shoulders level and allow your stomach to extend outward and as your breath fills your diaphragm envision a dense forest surrounding you. Large trees rise overhead and you can hear the skittering of animals in the distance as you let the coolness from the canopy envelope you.

As you expel your breath imagine a worn path stretch out before you, winding to the left and out of sight. Compelled forward you begin traveling the trail, pushing your way through low hanging tree limbs and past crumbling stone that served as a wall at some point. With each breath you push further into the dense grouping of trees and find that if you look back you can no longer see the entrance. The smell of earth after a heavy rain permeates your senses gifting you memories of playing in the rain as a child.

With your next inhale push forward and follow the now emerging sound of waves and as you exhale step cleanly from the forest to find yourself at the edge of a river bank. The fast moving water swirls just before you, its beckoning movement brings a thirst that you have never known. As you bend down to the waters edge inhale, reaching down into the cool liquid. Bringing your cupped hands to your lips you drink deeply and with an exhale you can feel the water spread and hydrate your entire body.

The water brings more than just hydration, with it you feel a stillness and as you inhale sit on the edge of the bank and let your feet slip into the water. With an exhale, search out this stillness and allow it to morph into whatever emotion you are needing. Sit with the presence that is both around and inside of you for as long as you would like.

We hope that through this guided journey you have been given a glimpse of what Source is and can feel like, if you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to reach out directly by emailing us at mistmoonandheart@gmail.com.


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