What is Witchcraft?

When we begin to awaken, we see ourselves in new lights, recognizing where our ego has led us and we begin to integrate the lost parts of your fractured self. Witchcraft to me isn’t about spells or words I use but about the energy I send out and take in. Its been decades since I have casted a circle or even a spell. My magic just looks different than others and that’s OKAY.

Everything, including yourself, is made from energy and whether you can see it or not you can effect this energy. The thoughts that you think is just one way that you can interact and change this energy, your actions are another.

If I want a new job, place to live or a new relationship I make sure that my thoughts are spent envisioning what it would feel like to get what I want. That feeling you get when you get the Welcome to the Team! email announcing your new job or the feeling you get when the last box is moved in to your new home, hold that feeling and remind yourself constantly of it.

The mind unfortunately has been given free reign our whole lives to run on autopilot in the background, which wouldn’t be so bad if we had spent our childhood years learning about how important thoughts are. Changing a thought pattern can be easy if you are persistent, so any time a negative thought comes up and you notice yourself falling into that old time spiral break the loop and say, “you know what I really want…” Magically you begin a new thought journey where you imagine what you Do want.

This is great, in the beginning. I did this and after awhile I noticed that I was focusing on what I didn’t have so that I could have something to imagine. My lack would be the foundation I would use to build the idea of what I did want. Instead, try saying to yourself, “you know what I’m grateful for…” and try listing a few and see if that doesn’t bring a different vibration to you, one inspired by the things that we already have that we Do want. 

Have you ever heard a witch tell you to write your spells or sigils in the present, as in “I have a job I love” or “I am loved for who I am authentically”. This is so that you can begin to vibrate on the same energy wave as what you desire to occur in this dimension. So if you are anything like me and years of trauma has made it so very hard to follow the good thoughts because the bad ones seem to be around every corner, try to change that pattern.

Until you have trained your mind, know that it will veer off track. All you have to do is bring it back again to what you are wanting to focus on. Your brain has formed pathways that will take time to override. 

“Depending on the complexity of the activity, [experiments have required] four and a half months, 144 days or even three months for a new brain map, equal in complexity to an old one, to be created in the motor cortex.” – Tara Swart, a senior lecturer at MIT, in her book Neuroscience for Leadership. 

Witchcraft implies taking a certain amount of control of your life and that could bring courage and confidence which I think we all need. The best part is that there isn’t a single misstep that you can make. Each part of your journey is important and needed. We hope that you can take from this what serves you, leave what doesn’t and as always, have a blessed journey.

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