Source Energy work is defined by its title. This is where you connect and channel the collective energy that you came from to live this life. If you have never connected to Source, take some time to read this article, where I explain what it feels like to channel Source and I walk you through […]

Lapis, Stone or Amethyst, which will you choose today? Wisdom Wednesday coming to you from our humble little space here in Portland. Make your selection and if you feel comfortable, drop your pick in the comments. 👇👇 The reveal will be posted by 6pm PST Lapis-Shine: You are meant to be in this place in […]

Our very first Tarot Tuesday! This is a chance for us here at Mistmoon and Heart to pull a (or a few) card and take a journey together to seek out its meaning. We are excited to share this space with you ❤️ This week it seems to be all about emotions, in the Ten […]

When we begin to awaken, we see ourselves in new lights, recognizing where our ego has led us and we begin to integrate the lost parts of your fractured self. Witchcraft to me isn’t about spells or words I use but about the energy I send out and take in. Its been decades since I […]