We Have Land!

Today we just secured over 11 acres for woman’s land in beautiful Alaska! This is a huge moment and if you’ve been following our journey, you know it’s one we’ve worked out butts off for. But the work doesn’t stop here, we have to build up our savings again and begin gathering tools and supplies, Alaska is beautiful but requires preparation. The next 52 weeks will be spent learning skills that will help us on the land, this weekend we’re building a smoke box and picking up our first wood stove to make smoked fish. A big part of homesteading is being able to preserve what you worked so hard for.

Sunday we’ll be having a zoom chat for women who are interested in living in a separatist pagan homestead community, we’ll talk about what our visions and dreams are and the ways our community can help women, if you’re interested but haven’t reached out yet what are you waiting for? This is your invitation to be part of a magical community of women whose drive and focus is holding space for women’s healing and wisdom.

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