Attracting sisterhood Part 1

Part 1 of an unknown number, details the end goal and what led up to my decision to manifest sisterhood in my life. This will appeal to some but definitely not all and this will anger some and feel like a guiding light to others. 

I was born to a woman who should’ve gone through therapy before having me and I was raised in a time that did not make wildly known the interworkings of a child’s mind. The fading memories of my father are shadows now after over 30 years, sustained by long lost pictures found. Still, being born to this family an only child had it’s benefits, and it’s downsides. To begin, while it was my mother and I through thick and thin, when it was thin I became an easy target which left me with no one to turn to. There was no shield or buffer from her anger, her judgement. As I grew older that energy grew within me, attracting friends who knew a similar home but were unable to break it’s cycle. 

I watched shows that portrayed female friendships that withstood what the writers threw at them week after week and during the finale you could see they had come out stronger together because of it. I yerned for sisterhood and connection and I knew then that all of my experiences up until then would help me define what it could be. We know the brilliance of the sun because we experience the night. And so I began to think of what my life could look like surrounded by women who supported and uplifted each other mentally and spiritually. I imagined a space when I belonged, not because of what I did or gave. I asked myself how we could even achieve that in such a deeply ingrained patriarchal society. In fact, it’s because of this world ruled by men that the answer was not openly available to find. 

Woman’s land. A space of spiritual healing and wisdom where we can experience true connection as women for who we are and not the weight that society places on our backs. 

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