Our thoughts within the Law of Attraction

When we strip everything down to its smallest form, energy is revealed to be the basis of everything in our universe. So when we consider things such as thoughts, we have to visualize them as drops in the ocean of our mind, sending out ripples along our consciousness. Because our universe operates within the Law of Attraction, our thoughts don’t just bring ‘like’ thoughts to us, it also causes people and situations to enter our lives. When I first became aware of the power my thoughts had it was this moment that I began to worry because for the last 25 years I had spent time daily in negative self talk. Each negative thought that entered my mind would cause me to panic because I worried it would draw like energy in some form. 

I think the beauty of this Law is that positive thoughts on the vibration of love and happiness drowned those of anger and sadness many times over. Secondly, our thoughts don’t manifest in real time, which is something I’m personally grateful for because I wished for the earth to swallow me as a child in church one too many times. Armed with those two pieces of wisdom we can meet our negative thoughts and emotions, knowing that we have the space to work with them, because of the time delay, and be working through the emotions we can then turn our focus on the areas, people, things in our life that we are grateful for. 

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