Seer Sunday

Seer Sunday is back with the force of our Ancestors. Were not done communicating with those that have come before, connect with them and then pick a card or two.

1 Strength: Sometimes it feels as if we have the world on our shoulders, but if you’ve chosen this card it is because you have everything you need to carry you through this time. The question then becomes, do you have the strength to use what’s inherit in you? In this card we have been given the image of the dragonfly, an insect which reminds us to experience each moment as it is happening to us. We can spend so much of our lives living in the past or worrying about our future but by focusing on actions we can take or should have taken instead of the lessons we have learned and conditioning ourselves to being open to receive in the future, how can we know what we want and make informed choices so that they manifest? 

2 Truth: If you’ve selected this card today you are no doubt encountering a period in your life where it feels as if you’re lost within the mists. You may feels as if you do not know the next step to take or as if you don’t know what to believe. We’ve all heard the saying, the truth shall set you free. But how can we find it while being lost ourselves? It is only when we turn our eyes inward we are able to shine the light of consciousness onto our patterns and the lessons that have evaded us thus far. Being critical should not be considered bad in this sense because it’s this act that leads us to not only the path we are meant to walk and the answers we are looking for but we are also able to take our lessons forward with us and manifest a better future.

3 Listening: The greatest teacher of all is nature but to learn it’s wisdom we must listen with the whole of what we are and if you’ve selected this card you are in need of this reminder. All around you is the wisdom you have asked for, Goddess not only hears you but moves swiftly to answer. The disconnect then comes only because we do not allow ourselves to be receptive. We ask for answers but never stop to listen. We look for the next step with our eyes closed. We seek knowledge but keep our minds closed to those that speak. So today you are challenged to open up the dam you have built within you so that the answers can flow.

4 Divine Timing: Before you came to this life, every possible life path was laid our before you and as an indistinguishable part of Goddesses source energy you had access to every situation that would befall each of those lifelines. At the point of your inception you had full knowledge of what would befall you in this life, it was already written. If you have chosen this card it is because your need the reminder that what you are attempting to manifest will come in its own time, in a space that works for your highest good. The hardest part then is for us to trust that everything will fall into place just so. To help, look back at your life and remind yourself of all the times that hard situations led you to amazing circumstances or divine truths. It will come and it will do so within its own time.

5 Reflection: At times, it can’t hurt to look at the state of ourselves or our lives. We can seek then to turn away from it by using any distraction within our grasp. But does this help us? Our lives are experienced in cycles, filled with messages and when we have not learned the lessons they impart we will repeat them until we do. It may not be instant, some cycles are longer than others, but they will no doubt come around once more. You are in this period not because Goddess is our to get you, it is because you are in a safe enough environment to face that reflection. You have everything you need in and around you to look into your depths and if it’s too much for you to grasp in it’s entirety it will come around again. The beauty of our lives is that we live it in cycles and at the end of our lives all that we have not felt or shined a light on will come back to us as we rejoin the source of all energy.

6 Freedom: True freedom doesn’t come from opportunities we receive or people we meet. It isn’t necessarily just a feeling we experience at times. Real freedom is the ability to be immersed in the trials of life but not be moved by it. So many times we can be in a situation that is toxic and we become swept up in its tide of negativity, allowing it to consume us for sometimes days on end. If we begin our days grounded and focused on our manifestations the what we experience can be seen as lessons to help us along our path. If you have chosen this card perhaps you have felt things strongly as of late, today you’re being reminded to be rooted to this world but don’t hold on to it, freedom will come when we listen to the messages Goddess is sending us.

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