High Priestess, bringing cannabis into Avalon

Humans have been including cannabis into their spiritual practices for hundreds of thousands of years. From the Chinese emperor Shen Nung who wrote about using marijuana as medicine in 2737 BC to the first mention of cannabis in Egypt around 2350 BC, this versatile plant has followed us throughout the ages. So in this modern age, how do we as Priestesses of Avalon fold this sacred herb into our practice? 

The constant chatter of our concious mind gives way to silence, allowing our subconscious to come to the forefront more easily, it can amplifiy our abilities to connect higher realms of vibrational energy where our guides and deities reside. This medicinal plant also has a long history in helping it’s users more easily attain a meditative state. As Priestesses of Avalon we can use this herb to tap into these aspects and more. Today let’s connect to Avalons energetic realm through meditation and channeling it’s energies directly. When I’m sitting down with the intent of aligning with the energies of Avalon I choose a specific piece that has always reminded me of lake water.

This little Lady of the Lake came to my wife and I earlier this summer and since it’s been in our home it has easily become our favorite piece. It’s usually filled with a hybrid if I’m doing this working in the morning, a sativa if I’m working during the day or a indica if it’s more towards the evening. 
After taking a moment to smoke, I breathe in deep while envisioning energetic arms sweeping up through my aura, gathering energy. As I breath out, I gather that energy into my core, compressing it tight into a ball. This I repeat for a total of nine breaths. Upon the ninth breath in, I take that energy stored and with an exhale I form it into a hand and plunge in down into the earth below me. With each inhale I take more energy from my core and as I exhale I go further down until I reach a blue stream. 

These are the energetic waters of Avalon and once touched will bring you to Her shores. When you are ready, reach your hand into the water, feel it’s cool pressance wrap up your arm as you are instantly transported to a somewhat sandy bank. The waters edge laps lightly at the grasses that dot the shore, hiding water fowl and other life. The gentle breeze tugs at the tips of your hair and carries with it the distant sound of laughter. 

Following the laughter, your feet take you from the banks of Avalon and up over a hill. As you stand at the top, you can see the landscape of the holy isle spread out before you. It’s gentle rolling body seems to lure you forward, coming down off the hill you find yourself standing at the beginning of an apple orchard. Compelled to find the woman’s voices amongst the sweet smell of apple blossoms you press inward, ducking under low hanging branches. The air hangs thick and measurable in the spaces between your breaths and you can feel the moisture of the night on your arms. 

Pressing inward still, the woman’s voices grow louder and images of deep blue farmers can be seen through the branches that have lost their leaves to winter. As you step out from behind a tree the women part to reveal a large bonfire, it’s heat radiating across your skin. The women surround you and embrace you tightly, through your minds eye you can hear their voices come together as one, ” we have been waiting so long for you sister.” 


The word brings to life a part of you that had remained dormant until now and you stand before the fire wrapped in arms that feel so familiar. As you close your eyes, flashes of another life materialize, another face you once called your own stares back at you in the lake. A sense of knowing begins to grow within you, you a daughter of the holy isle, a priestess of Avalon, coming back home as you have done so in countless lives before this. 

The Priestesses release you from their grasp, bringing you back to the fire before you and the priestesses surrounding. They begin to circle the flame counterclockwise and as you follow them bits of your current life which does not serve you falls away, pulled into the fire. You link arms with the women to your right and left and with a big shift you turn around, running this time, clockwise. As the energy builds you lock eyes with a woman from outside of the circle. A deep blue robe wrapped tightly around her small frame with the hood pulled up, exposing only her face to the warmth of the fire. The woad colored crescent moon placed on her brow shown brightly in the light of the fire, almost looking like lapis and the way she held herself clearly marked her as the Lady of Avalon.

Your sisters stop suddenly and part ways and the Lady  walks to stand in front of you. Golden flecks in her green eyes glitter from the fire and she reaches out and loosens the clasp at her throat. She swifts her shoulders slightly and removes her cloak, with a flick of her wrist she sends it flying to alight onto your shoulders and it’s warmth sinks into your body. You realize now that the women from before have encircled you and the Lady, who’s robe you now wear, smiles before you. “Your reclaiming has begun little one,” the Lady of Avalon says clearly, her voice like soft tinkling bells in the crisp night air. 

Before you can respond you are back sitting in your body as if you had never traveled to Avalon. Yet, your body and mind feel forever changed and you can hear the Lady’s words ring in your ear. Reclaiming. The road to Avalon is not lost for you have found it within yourself, though the holy isle may be shrouded within the mists its way will always be known to you so long as you walk the path of Priestess. 

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