The clock counts down

Set the intention right now to leave what doesn’t serve you in 2019. Establish firm boundaries and reach out to those who bring you joy. Strive to create the life you want and build habits that will take you to where you want to go.

This year feels like a sprint runner, before I knew it summer was over and now fall is giving way to winter here in Portland. It’s a subtle transition for us here geographically but a sure sign is when the seagulls come in.

It reminded me that it wasn’t just this year that’s almost over, it’s a whole freaking decade. How did that happen?

When I began thinking those thoughts they led to looking back on who I was at 24. What I was doing and the habits I had that led me to the experiences I lived. I’m truly thankful that my life took a different turn that led me to where I’m at now but today it’s got me thinking.

What habits and fears do I hold now that won’t serve where I want to go? These coming years are going to be full of transition for me, I can feel it. But I know they will be smoother if I can release all the things I do not want.

And so, if you’ve read this far, thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable with you and I invite you to do the same either alone or here in the comments. Let’s enter this next decade lighter and freer to manifest ❤️

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