Tarot Tuesday

What’s up everyone, my name is Alicia and we are here for Tarot Tuesday at Mistmoon and Heart. Today your guides and Source itself came through to impress upon you that you need to have strength. If you would like to watch our video instead please follow this link: https://youtu.be/bk_3saTISnU

So let’s get into the imagery first, when you’re reading for people allow the design, symbols and colors of the card to convey the jumping off point for the overall message. In the Rider version this woman is wearing a flowing white gown and it seems as if she has tamed or is loving on a red male lion.

Tarot loves it’s opposites so here we can see our consciousness as the woman showing kindness or affection to our unconscious shadow aspects. Red is also a color of passion and so if we follow this idea of the lion being the unconscious shadow we can see that this may be describing a need to confront our unconscious passions and desires with kindness and without the fear that the unknown can invoke in us.

Tonight is the New Moon and for the next seven days we channel Source Energy to our passions and new manifestations, so for me personally this feels like a call to assess my passions and where these emotions come from so that I am able to manifest easily and without resistance.

What it means for you may be different and that’s expected. Follow your emotions and let them lead you to your subconscious without fear. This is a part of the journey you are on and everything is happening just as it should.

Thank you for spending time with us as you begin a very busy holiday week, until next time seekers…

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