Tarot Tuesday

Our second Tarot Tuesday! This is a chance for us here at Mistmoon and Heart to pull a card and take a journey together to seek out its meaning. We are excited to share this space with you ❤️

Today the Five of Rods came forward with some guidance to share.

A card of action and competition, the Five of Rods can mean many things in different contexts. Within a relationship, this card can signify that you and your partner are not on the same page in regards to a situation, that there is a need for cooperation and compromise.

In the context of your spiritual path this card can mean that you are so focused on the competition and comparing yourself to others that you are not actually able to travel your path.

In general, the Five of Rods brings our awareness to struggle and conflict but ask yourself where it is coming from, what is the inspiration for the conflict and what can be learned. if we choose to see this period as a teacher and not as an obstacle, what can we accomplish?

We appreciate you taking a moment from your busy day to come and read our words. You aren’t traveling this journey alone, if you need to speak to someone reach out, we are here.

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