Wisdom Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to our second Wisdom Wednesday here at Mistmoon and Heart. We love that you have taken a moment of your day to visit our page and take our words with you!

Below are three cards and it is up to you whether you choose the card on the left, right or middle. Or maybe you choose all of the cards but read the backwards. All that matters is that the decision feels good to you.

So take a deep breath in

and allow your breath fill your body, as you exhale keep your mind and vibration open.

Love- External love can allow us to reach the highest mountain and just as swiftly lack of love or the wrong love can send us tumbling into darkness. But what about the love you show yourself, do you chase after you with sweet words and gentle caresses? If not, this week start there. Ask, how would I handle this if I truly love myself? If you truly love yourself what would you wear, eat, do or say?

Intention- Every action, whether we realize it or not, has intent behind it. How clearly that intent is spelled out is the difference between what you want manifesting or not. So this week, focus on clarifying what you want to see show up in your life. The situations that cause us the most grief can be the biggest helpers because it shows what we don’t want.

Perception- There are as many perspectives as colors to paint with and they can narrow or broaden our world to an amazing degree. It is up to each and every one of us to perceive this world in a way that enriches both the viewer and the perceived. So ask yourself lots of questions like how your past knowledge is affecting your decisions.

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