Source Energy work

Source Energy work is defined by its title. This is where you connect and channel the collective energy that you came from to live this life. If you have never connected to Source, take some time to read this article, where I explain what it feels like to channel Source and I walk you through an exercise so that you can build on that experience here.

Why would you choose this method instead of another? I can’t answer for you, but for me it is because it is no one set system, it is as fluid as the energy you channel and how it is done is up to you. Below is a way in which I work with Source Energy to heal.

Start by grounding into the earth by whatever means is easiest for you, find that center inside and breathe into it until you can feel a constant transfer of energy from you to the ground and back again.

Next connect to Source and envision a budding flower above your head open to receive Source’s Energy which will mingle with the energy that is inherent in you and the energy of the earth you have connected to in grounding.

As the energy of Source fills up the flower, direct that energy down and out through your hands. Step closer who or what you are healing and ask them to keep their thoughts open to anything that arises whether it be an emotion or something physical.

As you direct the Source energy into your healing companion release all ideas about how this experience is supposed to go or feel, allow the enregy to move through you, you are just the channel because your companion doesn’t know or can’t connect to Source.

There will be a period of time where you can feel the enregy wane, it is up to you to tell when to stop but I typically will feel the change start in my hands. When I connect to Source my hands vibrate slightly and they get hot, I know a healing session is over when that sensation lessons or stops entirely.

So what can channeling Source be used for besides healing? On our social media platforms we connect to Source for daily inspirations and during the New moon we channel to light the way for others as they walk their path. You can work with that energy while you cook and stir in your intent, the limits are placed only by you.

Thank you for joining us this week as we share more of our path. If you feel led, visit our Priestess Training and if you find that out path calls to you enough please reach out via email for more information.