Wisdom Wednesday

Lapis, Stone or Amethyst, which will you choose today?

Wisdom Wednesday coming to you from our humble little space here in Portland. Make your selection and if you feel comfortable, drop your pick in the comments. 👇👇 The reveal will be posted by 6pm PST

Lapis-Shine: You are meant to be in this place in this specific moment in time to manifest your passions for yourself and others. But you can’t do that if you’re too afraid to shine, too afraid to show others your authentic self. Step out of the shadows and allow your radience to touch everything you come in contact with.

Stone-Balance: It’s important that we all find balance in our everyday life. We need to find this with not only our careers or partners but also creating a balance with yourself and making sure you’re being taken care of.

Amethyst-Patience: Can’t we all use a little more patience? No,  This this doesn’t mean only having patience with a child but also having patience with other adults and yourself. We are all on a journey

We appreciate everyone being able to share this space with us, take what moves you and leave what doesn’t ❤️

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