Tarot Tuesday

Our very first Tarot Tuesday! This is a chance for us here at Mistmoon and Heart to pull a (or a few) card and take a journey together to seek out its meaning. We are excited to share this space with you ❤️

This week it seems to be all about emotions, in the Ten of Pentacles reversed there is this sense of boredom that permeates the card, and with that boredom as inspiration, it can lead you to take more risks when it comes to financial or emotional avenues. Sometimes these risks are justified and help with the eventual outcome but sometimes they lead us into recklessness.

The Emperor coming out upright I feel directs us back to stability and order, being all about the balance of good and bad, this can open up space for creativity. This card also hints at a test, meaning that this portion of your life may be testing or teaching for something later on in your life.

In the end, this period you are experiencing is meant to happen, you just can’t see why right now. The world, and life, is a balancing act, it is something that we will constantly be working and adjusting while we are in this body. Soon you will come away with what you need to accomplish things later on in your path and with it, a new perspective.

We appreciate every single one of you who took the time to read our humble words and we hope that these messages were impactful.

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